Be guided to an understanding of your business behaviour strengths and where to invest in improvements.

Enjoy the responsibility for a healthy bottom line and meeting your financial obligations. Learn the business behaviours you need to manifest and influence your financial outcomes. Energise your business.

SHAYNE LESLIE is a successful and educated business professional who is ready to help you unlock your potential. Shayne works with business owners on the NSW Central Coast.

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Starting a new venture

or reinvigorating an existing one can seem like a long journey with no end in sight particularly if strategy and leading complex forecasting conversations is not your favourite thing.

To get your business strategy humming, together we will analyse the basics such as the relationship between financial compliance and pricing.

We’ll address aspects such as media, sales and marketing, and member and customer engagement weighing up the benefits and cons of different approaches. We’ll talk about your business behaviours and how getting it right will impact you financially.

From the boardroom, executive meetings, and sole traders, my approach to assisting you in your business is direct, jargon-free, and incorporates tried and tested tactics.

Like to find out more, or discuss if my down-to-earth approach is right for you?
Reach out to me at shayne@integratedgovernance.com.au
0412 241 773

Phone: 1300 76 22 38
ABN: 54114140251

Address: Head Office, Gosford, New South Wales, Australia

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