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2020 | This decade will be extreme

The first twenty years of the 2000s has seen intense business, career, and lifestyle developments.


2020 to 2029 will see sharp and dramatic changes in culture, income potential and wealth distribution, ideology, climate shift, and types of businesses. 

Integrated Governance provides educated, researched, and tailored feedback. While based on data analysis and qualitative research, you will receive answers delivered in plain English. 

Advice that is action oriented and a game-plan for implementation. 


SHAYNE LESLIE and NICK CHETTLE are successful and educated business professionals who are ready to help you unlock your potential. 

Shayne Leslie

Australia +61 412 241 773

Nick Chettle

Australia +61 403 868 338



  • Data collection and analysis

  • Environmental scanning

  • Board and management interviews

  • Facilitation and goal setting

  • Business plans

  • Management key performance indicators

Returning Officer

  • Nominations and elections management

Director Training

  • Induction

  • Boardroom operations

  • Financial governance

  • Board and CEO recruitment

  • Board policy

  • Decision making