You've read the research, digested it and come to the same conclusion that regular, on-the-field instruction is the way to go. That involves me in the boardroom before, during or after the main meeting or at another time. 


The impact is HUGE!

The results are pretty close to INSTANT!


Here are the BIG FOUR fitness programs currently available.

How to make more awesome decisions than that place down the road

That place down the road that seems to be making better decisions than you have a few tools in their kit which I'm going to demonstrate.


After a review of your board's 3Ps - policy, process and performance - I'll be on the field with you sharpening up frameworks, discussing essential learning that you might have missed, and leaving you with some homework. Importantly, we begin to learn to work as a team where all life-experience and expert insight is valued (so seat-warmers watch out!).

Rockstars and Jazz Greats: How to be the director (and CEO) everyone needs you to be to keep your awesome business, well… awesome.

Many of us have learnt to be the director we are today through the habits of others. We help you improve the focus of your board papers, learn to represent all your members to being the best person you can be in board meetings.


Like music, fashions change but being awesome doesn't. So we learn how to be the best director we can be through really simple but transformative ways. Like how to argue, how to alter our perspective and how to request, interpret and discern a great report. Listen to the rhythm of a fabulous board meeting. 

Board Bliss is being Positive, Proactive and Transformative… so how do we get there?

Did you know that the most common dysfunction on a team is the Absence of Trust? In addition, the two I see common to boards is the reluctance to have strong, healthy debates and being reluctant to put personal ego aside to see different perspectives.


Are you prepared to invest the time and energy required to become a great, game-changing team?


This is not a touchy-feely, hugs and cuddles event. We talk about hard stuff that will lead to better results and a happier experience as a director. When everyone loves being a director and is fully engaged, the impact on the bottom line is tangible. Full of practical and specific guidance.

Over the Boundary Line for a Six with 100 before lunch: Getting the board’s game together to outplay your previous best

To beat our previous personal best, we kinda have to work for it. As a board, we have to get the game plan laid bare, agreed then put into action. 


Then... yes there is more... we have to play differently - make small (or large) adjustments to our style. This may be uncomfortable at first. We might want to go back to the old way, but when the results start coming in, we love it. It was worth it. 


So what am I talking about? Are you ready to accept the challenge to outplay your previous best?


Then call me to find out how.

Shayne - 0412 241 773

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee your board and CEO will look like this at the end of the sessions. But they may FEEL like it!

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