"Take a look around your organisation and find your lowest performing board member, manager or employee. Realise that these are the people who set the standard for acceptable performance for your entire organisation." (John Spence) 

Without a talented board who can collaborate well, you won’t keep an amazingly talented CEO. The CEO will advance to a better-led board. Without an amazingly talented CEO, you won’t keep talented management and staff. Without talented management and staff, you won’t have customers who lavish praise (and patronage) on your organisation. Without great customers, your organisation will probably fail.

Your best people are your best asset, and the pay-back on great leadership where the big decisions are made – that’s on the board and management team – is immeasurable.

I approach leadership using the Everything DiSC method from Integro (Keith E. Ayres).

Completely non-judgemental and where no style is better or worse than any other, Everything DiSC is a personal development assessment that measures an individual's behavioural style. It's designed to help you understand behaviour in the workplace, understand the behaviour of others and how to use this knowledge in different work situations.

I also use Patrick Lencioni's Five Dysfunctions of a Team methodology, particularly where there are issues between board members, or board and CEO.

PS: I'm a High DI - results and action!

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