One-on-one one day programs

We attend the seminar or conference and catch glimpses of a fabulous future, if only we had the time to write everything into our current day-to-day task list. These are very special one-on-one sessions where I listen to you, probe you with questions and share insights.

The outcome is a bare-bones plan for 2018 in strategy, business planning, catering, financial reporting, and strategy and succession.

For the CEO, General Manager, and Senior Managers

Planning and productivity

2018 Primer: Getting ready for a fabulous new year

We get that you’re busy right now, but as a CEO or senior manager this is your opportunity to step out of the day-to-day and set your mind to 2018. By the end of the program, you’ll have a road map to achieving your 2018 strategic priorities. Be ready for an amazing, goal orientated year. 

This is a mix of strategic and business planning. A terrific solution for those CEOs and managers who feel that they have run out of time for a large, formal planning session but want to get the year started at a pace.

Strategic productivity

Small Steps Every Day; Ensuring a strategic focus in your daily tasks

Success today is a result of something you did in the past. It’s easy to use hindsight to see our path to yesterday’s success, but sometimes harder to commit to that path when other things want our attention today. This program steps through how you can ensure a strategic focus into your everyday productivity, bringing you closer to successful strategic implementation. By the close of the session, you’ll have a clear idea of what’s the most important to commit to today, what can be delegated to the non-urgent pile, or delegated.

This is pure business planning based on your strategic plan (whether formally documented or still in your head).


Profit Gate Plan

Abigail Jones will review your catering operation from top to bottom. The outcome is a Profit Gate report outlining the 5 to 10 profit gates you can close today to turn your catering business around. These reports are worth 4 times their weight in insights. Click here for further information.


For the Chair

(or other interested directors)

Financial literacy


What the Board Wants to Know; Improving your board financial reporting

Reporting key financial statistics is a challenge for many CEOs as, often, boards don’t even know what they want! In this program, we work through 10 key financial questions, the related ratios and their meanings, and how to request this information to be presented to your board. Learn to ask better questions based on financial information and how to guide your fellow directors’ understanding.

Planning: Succession and Strategy

Six men to every woman no longer equals a sustainable club future

The statistics are startling. Across the industry, for every 6 male board member there is only one woman. There are two over 70-year-old men on the board to every person under 50. Out of around 1100 clubs in NSW, only 330 have a strategic plan, and 200 have a succession plan.


In this program, we talk through board-led strategies and how to begin introducing succession planning and strategic planning into your club during 2018.



Per Program - all except Catering


Small clubs (under 55 machines) - $997 + GST + travel/accommodation

Medium clubs (56-170 machines) - $1497 + GST + travel/accommodation

Large clubs (over 170 machines) - $1997 + GST + travel/accommodation


  1. Selected research on membership, population, financial, and strategic position

  2. One-day one-on-one deep-dive conversation (indicative times are 10am – 3.30pm)

  3. 1 to 2-page report on key insights

  4. Bonus edition of 49 Board Policies

  5. Clarity


I’m happy to travel to you or you can come to me in the Central Coast or Sydney.

Catering Profit Gate 

$2997 + GST + travel/accommodation - limited time offer



  1. Executive summary of the 5-10 profit gates you need to close

  2. Abigail's Food Flash Profit Gate Template

  3. One on one visit and coaching call

  4. Bonus copy of 49 Board Policies

  5. Can double as a catering business plan for 2018


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