• Shayne Leslie

How many marketing Ps do you need?

The planning and execution of the marketing program is the CEO’s role. Depending on the situation, there are four to nine Ps of the marketing mix. Here they are with some examples...

  1. Product (or Service): Menu, beverages and merchandise

  2. Place: Landscaping, entry ways and carpet choice

  3. Price: From chips to beer to function room hire

  4. Promotion: Design, events, entertainment, advertising, digital, traditional, etc.

  5. People: Service standards, dress codes, training, use of marketing agencies

  6. Processes: Service areas, redemption, member enquiries, refunds

  7. Physical layout: Queuing, seating, traffic flow

  8. Positioning: Value and commodification level

  9. Performers (Entertainment): Quality program that meets the needs of your target markets

  10. Profit: It seems obvious, yet the images, targets and campaigns are worthless if they don't generate income.

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