• Shayne Leslie

Prioritising Criteria for Job Ads

Last week I talked about the confusion of job ads from the candidate’s perspective. Recruiters often feel they need to present a massive stack of applications to assess. I would rather quality over quantity.

Here is my no-frills guide to writing a job ad.

Pain points right now (non-negotiable criteria)

What skill gap is hurting your business right now? In other words, what is the principal reason you are looking for someone?

For example, is the role a start-up position and requires someone who can implement process and procedures. Or is there a lack of a productive culture in the team. What is the great stuff the incumbent is leaving behind that you don’t want to lose?

12 month plan

Once the pain is reduced, what do you want this person to achieve in a years’ time? Are these skills they will need from day one? Or is the pain so great that you need expert skills there while you can gradually develop the skills needed for the 12 month plan.

Nice to have later

All things going well, how will this candidate fit into your organisation’s strategic vision?

Type of leadership

If your team is full of ‘direct’ leadership types or detail-orientated types, then you may decide you need a ‘people person’. People are more one type than the other, and understanding leadership styles will mean you’ll get a better fit in your organisation. You don’t necessarily want to employ someone who leads just like you.

About the Organisation

Where are you up to in terms of strategy and continuous improvement? Are you a learning organisation? Why should this candidate spend a day applying for your job?

Generally speaking...

If the position you're advertising is a senior management or CEO role, spend quality time working out your criteria. You can use us to assist your recruitment process. Download our brochure from this page.

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