• Shayne Leslie

Take Notice of these Social Media Trends

There are so many social media trends being listed in various blogs. I've read a large selection of these blogs and these are my take-aways to share with registered clubs.

Facebook I

Absolutely without a doubt, it's about engagement not just about the meat raffle. Video will be a big influence BUT only if done well. At the end of the day, high-quality visuals, compelling banter and positioning your branding are the non-negotiable elements. PLUS, you will need to increase your financial investment so selected posts achieve appropriate 'reach'.

Facebook II

Groups are becoming more popular with FB users. Because FB are filtering page posts to increase the quality of subscribers' newfeeds (and bring in some cash), groups are a work-around. Group posts are practically guaranteed to make it to the timeline.


This is the go-to app of the youngsters (i.e. under 30). Images need to be authentic and special. Upload your best shot, not all your shots. The picture needs to say 1,000 words.


LinkedIn is a must have for professionals. They've made it difficult to 'social share' from Facebook and other third party sites, forcing people to use their blogging tool, Pulse. Your profile should be a sales tool for you. Even if you're not thinking of looking for another position, people will still check your profile when researching your club. For example, you can attract talented managers if people think you're good to work for. Your members may have a look as well.


Full screen immersion and high-quality video is the current trend. Joomla is dead and Wix is hot. Websites are moving to branding tools with broad events featured with more immediate information found on Facebook pages.

Yes, there are many more. But these are good for starters. Need help? Contact us on 1300 76 22 38 or see our Marketing page for more information.

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