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3 Hot Ideas for this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is in 10 weeks. Last year, as with Melbourne Cup Day, it appeared that everyone had exactly the same idea on price, menu items, service style and advertising design.

I would love to do more marketing gigs with clubs, so take this as a ‘let me show you what I can do’ post which will also help give you the edge over every other venue promoting mother’s day. This advertising appeals to the 20-45 year olds who are well-educated, wanting something different, and looking for wholesome food with special treats.

1. Flowers

This promotion plays on the individuality of mums and the expectation that there will be flowers. However, very few modern mothers (or even older mums) like roadside chrysanthemums. There are some very beautiful kinds of chrysanthemums, and they are not sold from the white van… or at Coles.

If you’re going to buy flowers to give away, check out the unusual selection at Octopus's Garden, Long Jetty, which are locally and sustainably grown. (They have lots of flower friends across NSW if you can’t get to the Central Coast).

Run a flower arrangement opportunity with local florists to showcase their contemporary wedding and other special event arrangements.

2. Sharing Menus

Sharing menus have been steadily increasing in popularity with families. Especially for fussy eaters or large family get-togethers, sharing menus can solve a whole range of dining dramas.

Sharing menus are served at the dinner table and include a range of large plates of food such as roast meats, salads, vegetables (wholesome food you may see at a special family dinner), where everyone helps themselves.

Menus can include roasted meats, BBQ items and seafood with seasonal and local vegies. Priced well, sharing plates could realise a good profit margin.

This style of service is popular for a number of reasons, says Event Birdie. Firstly, it creates a great atmosphere around the table as guests pass the plate and share a meal together. It is also a great way for people to indulge in a variety of tastes and flavours – a little of this and a lot of that!

Images: Sharing menus by ARIA Catering, Chiswick, North Bondi Fish and Event Birdie.

3. Doughnut Bar

I have to admit, I am going to the place that offers this!

Event Birdie says doughnuts are a childhood favourite that everyone loves. They are easy to eat, can be displayed or packaged in creative ways, great for all ages AND they will bring a smile to any guest.

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