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7 New Business Terms to inspire your next Twitter Post

1. Discovered Fascination

I attended a job interview the other day for a Marketing Specialist. I was encouraged to take a personality test* called How to Fascinate discovered by Sally Hogshead. Sally gleefully told me I was a Trendsetter, which she describes as ‘cutting-edge, elite, imaginative, progressive and edgy’.

This is my Discovered Fascination; being a Trendsetter. Sally tells me I am 'able to influence company direction with a fresh interpretation of market opportunities'. I am a 'trailblazer who guides others in often uncharted territories.'

(Perhaps that’s not the kind of marketer the prospective employer wanted as I didn’t land that gig.)

It's a fascination that you'll be fascinated by me me me. It's a discovery for me me me. And we'll all be able to work together hap-pi-ly!

I thought I’d take Sally’s advice and share some other cutting-edge, elite and edgy phrases with you so you can sound amazing on Twitter.

*Personality tests.... that's a different blog post.

2. Gastronomic Technologist

I saw this in an advertisement for a trendy place looking for a Cook. Really, they should be asking for a Gastronome, which makes the ‘technologist’ redundant. Or maybe they were really looking for a Gastronomist who is a person who ‘unites theory and practice in the study of gastronomy’.

Or maybe they were looking for people who serve breakfast in a jam jar. What is it with old jam jars?

3. Liquid Knowing

With liquid knowing, knowledge borders are destroyed and knowledge flows freely among disciplines without disciplinary ownership. It is knowledge that is gained through experience, including the experience of learning, and ‘runs through your system’. As opposed to ‘instinct’ which is more primitive, a liquid-knower can point to the epistemology of their knowing.

For example, I appreciate good visual design (like posters or websites). How can I tell if something is designed well? I just know. I just know because I’ve had extensive training in the arts as well as basic psychology. That knowledge flows freely into other aspects of knowledge, like marketing. It ignores disciplinary boundaries and becomes liquid knowing.

This is why career people will encourage you to do many different things such as volunteer, participate or engage in learning new skills. Also why the ‘hobbies’ section on the resume never goes away.

What do you 'just know' through your system?

4. Postmodern Strategic Planning

In modern strategic planning, the emphasis is on using scientific methods to find out about and programme the future. For example, looking at data and financial measures and using these as predictors for future performance and success.

Postmodern strategic planning calls into question the strategist’s ability to know and programme the future. The postmodern view aims to make a resurgence back to the pre-global concept of urban living, appreciating local prosperity and spontaneous human interaction in the creating of well-functioning, cohesive communities.

The strategist (i.e. the board with the CEO and facilitator) experiments through strategic projects rather than planning from on high and then dictating changes which have been totally programmed based on empirical facts. Foresight, as opposed to forecasting, builds the bridge from the present to the future.

The shift towards viewing clubs and organisations as a socio-economic activator requires the introduction of a broader, strategic level of planning supported by a rational decision making process through good governance policy. The board’s role is of leadership through foresight and being able to forge different stakeholders together.

5. Antifragility

Antifragility refers to systems that increase in capability, resilience, or robustness as a result of mistakes, faults, attacks or failures. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better.

Antifragility is a concept developed by Professor Nassim Nicholas Taleb, and a term he coined in his book, Antifragile. My favourite quotes from the book;

“Difficulty is what wakes up the genius”.

And one that harks back to Postmodern Strategic Planning;

“It is as if the mission of modernity was to squeeze every drop of variability and randomness out of life - with the ironic result of making the world a lot more unpredictable, as if the goddesses of chance wanted to have the last word.”

6. Fooled by Randomness

Another term coined by Professor Taleb, fooled by randomness describes people who explain random outcomes as non-random.

Greg Whitwell, Dean of Sydney Business School, reflects that, in talking about the “survival of the least fit”, Taleb warns of the foolishness of those who imbibe the recommendations of the lucky fool whose success was based simply on being in the right place at the right time.

Taleb reminds us that we tend to underestimate the way chance influences our lives.

Whitwell agrees that we can exaggerate the apparent skills of those deemed to be successful and may be disinterested in those who may be on the fringe. We pay insufficient attention to what we dismiss as ‘outliers’.

And yet it is the outliers, the very things we did not predict and could barely imagine, that have the greatest cumulative impact on our lives.

7. Volunteer Douchery and Voluntourism

Related to slacktivism, volunteer douchery is usually considered a pejorative term that describes people who support an issue or social cause with the aim of making the person feel satisfied that they have contributed. It is often accompanied with selfies, blogs and other self-promoting public relations material.

The volunteer douche may actually be doing more harm than good to the community they purport to serve.

Read more about the international campaign to end the “dark side” of voluntourism.

All together now

The big test is using them in Twitter posts to sound amazing. Kind of.

1. What has your attention? My discovered fascination needs to know if you’re using my edgy business terms right now!

2. Our recent gastronomic technolgist acquisition is putting some pump back into the ol' jam jar at breakfast time!

3. My progressive liquid knowing led us to creating a postmodern draught beer experience.

OK. I give up. My twitter posts are quite possibly antifragile randomness. Needless to say not everything can be condensed to 'tweet-sized' proportions!


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