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Instinct is No Longer Relevant and Costing you Money

TRANSCRIPT: Welcome! I’m Shayne Leslie

I’ve been listening to many business and community leaders over the past years, and we’re all faced with a very similar problem.

It’s really hard to find new customers and it’s hard to know what they want. Trends are hard to keep up with.

Now, if you’re distracted by getting people in the door or buying your product or choosing your service, or just spending a lots and lots of your time ineffectively finding new customers then you're caught in a trap. And you’re not alone.

I’ve been finding these gaps for my customers for years. And I tell you it is getting harder. Why? Because we’re not all the same – there are more and more subcultures and break-off groups – and we’re all doing a million different things all in different ways. Some old school, some with the latest technology.

I’ve been consulting to and teaching community and business leaders – people who really want to impact the communities around them – who want to make a massive positive difference in the lives of others – how to foster future growth. Literally thousands of community and business leaders have used my educational materials.

I want to give YOU the power to understand your business. I help many people by doing this work on their behalf, but there are more of you than me. I love consulting and will continue to do so, but I want YOU to get the same results doing this work yourself.

This is the start of pushing your overall strategy beyond the 1950s model which still is being used in this new century. We’ll get you closer to an agile and market focused model which outthinks other players and keeps driving growth.

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Now, the number one problem I see is business and community leaders who don’t know on their customer list.

Instead, leaders are relying on their gut instinct. And that is definitely NOT the way to grow your business

Gut instinct may have worked last century when things were predictable and mono-cultured. But it takes your past averages as a predictor of success. If business is going to move forward in exactly the same ways as it has been these past 5 – 10 – 15 years, then great. But even funerals parlours are having to change. There’s new technology in the neo-natal ward. Tax has gone online. Birth, death and taxes.

If your gut is driving your business and it has too much of the wrong kind of baggage, then there is a problem. If you are culturally different to the people you are serving, and by culturally different I mean age, generation, gender, race, religion, postcode, birthplace, fashion, music, political persuasion and so forth, then you definitely need something other than your gut in the driver’s seat.

So gut instinct has to be replaced with something more reasonable – more intelligent… if you want to foster future growth. That starts with understanding who you’re serving today.

So, let’s quickly touch on innovation.

A big mistake many community and business leaders make is that they think that they’re not a creative or an innovative person. That’s not true.

I’ve heard lots of people talk about innovation recently. Problem is, most people don’t know what innovation is. I’ve attended a few seminars on innovation that were actually about marketing and workforce development.

Innovation generally refers to improving productivity. If you can bring about an innovative way of doing something, delivering something, making something… you’re going to be in a better position to foster future growth.

If you can be inspired, you can be innovative.

We all become inspired by different things. When we are inspired, we think creatively – dream big. We need to give ourselves time, space and new experiences. I tell you, it is very difficult to be inspired by a blank whiteboard!

Innovation also means change. If we don’t transform aspects of our operation, ourselves and the way we work with our customers, then we’re not going to foster future growth because we’ll be stuck in yesterday.

So there are these phenomena called megatrends happening in the natural world, man-made world and the individual world. Innovators look at the convergence points - the parts where the three worlds overlap and think about what the market can deliver here to foster future growth, whether it is something brand new (like regenerative medicine), adapted (like the advances in communications technology) or existing (like the holiday experience).


Again, having a glimpse of the future is terrific, but it’s redundant if you don’t know who you’re serving today. How do you know which of these megatrends are going to impact what you deliver to the world? Is there massive opportunity for growth? Will you be like Kodak?

So this is the thing. Fostering future growth starts with your customer list. These are the people who have actually paid you to work. This list is sacred.

You see, a person who has bought from me in the past is 15 times more likely to buy from me again over someone who has never bought from me. Plus, people who are like the people who are my long-term customers are my target market.

One of the biggest mistakes community and business leaders make is that they don’t know who is on their list.

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EVERY successful business person knows their list, the ‘shape’ of their list and why they have the people or businesses on that list. When I go into a consulting job, the first thing I ask for is THE LIST. I start by understanding the bedrock of a business and building from there.

Telling my you’re ‘too busy’ to get your customer list in some kind of meaningful order is the same as throwing your money away.

You can cut up your list in a zillion different ways. It’s like a pie. No matter how you cut your pie – triangles, squares, circles – it will always be a pie.

Looking at the details of your list a number of different ways allows you to better understand your customers for three simple reasons:

  1. RETENTION – Selling more to existing customers is around 15 times cheaper than marketing for new ones

  2. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE - You can understand what products and services your customers like and attract more of the same kind of people

  3. GAPS - You can see groups of customers you may be missing.

Let me tell you just one thing I found looking at my customer list.

To look at the shape of my customer list, I looked at the attributes of the person who engages me – my champion. I was inspired to find that my champion is more often than not involved in continuous learning, wanted to learn from me - not just have me arrive, dish up my data and exit - and they are maverick in their approach to thinking about the future! Most were technologically proficient and really difficult to reach via old-school marketing approaches. There was no pattern to their age and gender or even their location. Discovering this was transformative and helped me refine my marketing approach. I instantly saved 10,000 dollars on a trade show.

Your business is going to be different – you’ll have a different kind of pie.

In the past, many businesses could ‘fly blind’ and still make a decent income, but that world has changed. To foster future growth, we absolutely need to know WHO and WHAT keeps us in business. We can then make intelligent decisions about how to talk to our customers.

When you start collecting information about YOUR business, you can create your own GOLDEN INTERSECTION. Here are YOUR SECRETS to foster future growth. This is where you can really ‘look under the hood’ at the people you serve, what product you serve best and which product makes you money.

The Golden Intersection

I’m going to talk more on that in my next video. Plus, I’ve been writing a free book for you. It’s called Foster Future Growth in 3 Ways. It’s almost ready to release. Only a few days away.

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You CAN do this. If you are serious about building growth in your business or career, you should start looking at the customer list. In my book, I’ll be sharing with you a number of methods I use to help businesses find new customers and a future direction so they can grow.

HOWEVER, I need your help.

Before we release the free book, I need to make sure I have everything covered. This is where you come in. There is really only one question I want to ask you…

What’s your No.1 challenge when fostering future growth?

Write a comment below. Hit the like button and share this with your friends and collegues. This is really exciting stuff. So I’d love to hear from you. Comment below and tell me your challenge. Or ask a question.

In my book and the next video, I go into further detail, especially on discovering who is on your customer list and what that means for fostering future growth. This is exactly the process I go through with my clients.

Thank you for your time today. Enjoy the report. I look forward to hearing from you. Until next time, I’m Shayne Leslie!

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