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Your List is Sacred

TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to Foster Future Growth in 3 Ways. My name is Shayne Leslie.

Thank you so much for entrusting your time and energy with me. Everything you listen to here will get you on the PATH TO GROWTH!

In my first video and introductory report, I talked about three mistakes that community and business leaders make when fostering future growth.

We discovered that one of the biggest mistakes community and business leaders make is that they don’t know who is on their list.

Fostering future growth starts with your customer list. These are the people who have actually paid you to work. This list is sacred.

You see, a person who has bought from me in the past is 15 times more likely to buy from me again over someone who has never bought from me. Plus, people who are like the people who are my long-term customers are my target market.

EVERY successful business person knows their list, the ‘shape’ of their list and why they have the people or businesses on that list. When I go into a consulting job, the first thing I ask for is THE LIST. I start by understanding the bedrock of a business and building from there.

Looking at the details of your list a number of different ways allows you to better understand your customers for three simple reasons:



  3. GAPS.

We discovered that, in the past, many businesses could ‘fly blind’ and still make a decent income, but that world has changed. To foster future growth, we absolutely need to know WHO and WHAT keeps us in business.

You can’t find the secrets to your business’ future growth by reading a billion listicles. You can only find those secrets when you start collecting information about YOUR business.

I feel very fortunate in my life. I’m am doing what I was born to do. I help amazing people all over Australia foster future growth in their personal lives and in their business. I’ve got talents in business, especially working with boards, as well as strategy and marketing. I love to teach and learn, and I have this other hat where I enjoy performing in musical theatre, choirs and opera. My business is booming while I get to positively influence and impact many people.

It wasn’t always like this. It was a real challenge to get my consultancy business going.. a real struggle. To build growth, I changed my marketing, published piles of content, networked with different groups, exhibited at trade shows and – like many others before me - hoped I’d find the magic formula.

I started to think it was me and the ‘unlucky card’ I had drawn. I made excuse after excuse. After trying to make my business work, I was burnt out, disillusioned, and ready to forget my dreams.

But after a serious look under the hood of my business, I’m back and ready to launch the 2.0-version. And I want you to do the same.

Let me tell you just one thing I found looking at my customer list.

To look at the shape of my customer list, I looked at the attributes of the person who engages me. I was inspired to find that my champion is more often than not involved in continuous learning, wanted to learn from me and they are maverick in their approach to thinking about the future!

Most were technologically proficient and really difficult to reach via old-school marketing approaches. There was no pattern to their age and gender or even their location. Discovering this was transformative and helped me refine my marketing approach. I instantly saved 10,000 dollars on a trade show.

My intention in this book - which you can download for free - is to do everything I possibly can to guide you to foster future growth for yourself.

In the book, I talk about 3 ways to Foster Future Growth.

Chapter 1 is about our mindset; the things we think and do (or don’t do) that holds us back to achieving growth.

Chapter 2 is about the world. We’ll work through seven seriously big impacts and work out which ones are going to thoroughly impact your future growth and which ones will only make a small dent.

Chapter 3 is about your business. When machinery doesn’t work, we get in ‘under the hood’ and work out what’s working and what’s not working so we can make adjustments. That’s what we do in Chapter 3.

When we haven’t got a clue as to where our money is made in our business, we tend to waste money and market everywhere to everyone and often at cross purposes. Tactics fly everywhere with all kinds of messages. That can get us down and cause us to lose our confidence. It can stifle our career and kill our business.

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Remember that I said that one of the biggest mistakes community and business leaders make is that they don’t know who is on their list?

Knowing how to collect and use customer information is valuable, and can lead the way to greater income.

In the book, I go into detail about how to get your list together and a few ideas on analysing. Look in your inbox for when I’m releasing my blueprints.

To get that kind of SPECIFIC focus, once you have isolated larger target markets use the categories I give you in the book to gather further insight about your markets. The advantage to getting specific focus is that you will start crafting messages that suit your specific targets and minimise spending money on messages and markets that don’t respond.

For example, not all 26-year-old women are the same. You’ve got young women at university, stay at home mums, corporate workers, surviving on a government pension, gay, straight, living in the inner city, living in the suburbs…

When messages are tailored, you take your target market, give it specific focus – just like an archer – and think about that person. Think about…

  • Their pain – your solution – their transformation…

  • Their desire - your motivation – their new status…

  • The visual culture and language you use…

  • Reading, listening and observing conversations and behaviour…

When a message resonates with a person, you instantly build trust, likeability and authority. That is because you’ve create the message JUST FOR THEM!

When your person recognises they are not alone, you’re providing a sense of belonging and community.

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In closing, I’d like to congratulate you for stepping up and taking the challenge to keep growing your business, your career, your income and your confidence.

In a few days I’ll be releasing a series of blueprints and toolkits. Plus, I’ll be talking about my training program in the next video. This is your chance to work with others like you in getting under the hood and fostering your future growth ready for 2016.

Please! Write a comment below. Be brave! Remember, other people might read it too. Hit the like button and share this with your friends and colleagues. This is a new way of learning and you’re the early adopter set. So I’d love to hear from you.

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