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Strategy: Fly Forward Faster | The Powerful Mindset-Triumvirate

Welcome to my blog series on Advanced Strategic Planning.

There are three things to realise about successful strategic planning;

  • You need to know where you’re going

  • You need to commit to changes

  • You need to take small steps every day to get there.

No matter who you are, what business you are in, or your access to resources, the rule is the same for everyone.

A lack of planning can show itself in several different ways.

It’s the little day-to-day stuff, like getting distracted easily, chasing the wrong rabbit down the rabbit-hole, or employing the wrong team. It’s the business stuff, like lack of profit growth, stagnation of ideas, and promotions and marketing that are missing the mark. Then it’s the big stuff… if you stand still you’re going to fall behind, and the cold tap will never deliver hot water.

Planning is a mindset. It takes practice, and it takes an attitude of change. That change starts with yourself. No amount of planning is going to matter a squat if you are not prepared to do things differently, starting with the everyday small steps.

This is the powerful mindset-triumvirate:

  • Plan

  • Commit

  • Take small steps every day.


There’s an expectation that we’re always available to do, do, do. It’s easy to be distracted by the flashing notifications on our screen, digital clutter and every request becomes urgent if we haven’t planned well.

Fly Forward Faster in 2017

Strategy: Fly Forward Faster model is divided into four sections, or the Four Pillars of Planning. I’ve developed this method as it is a market-based approach which is appropriate for organisations that are customer-driven.

The Four Pillars of Planning

Pillar 1: Refined Focus for Profit Clarity

Pillar 2: Future Orientated Vision and Values

Pillar 3: Establishing Strong Roots through Strategic Objectives

Pillar 4: Board and Business Action

How will this blog series help the Board and CEO?

I do this work on behalf of many clients. However, this year we're going to work our way through the planning model through this email and blog posts so you can make 2017 your best year yet. We start at Refined Focus for Profit Clarity and work our way through to Board and Business Action.

A great plan will declutter your daily agenda

A great strategic plan, supported by the board, will help the CEO and her managers manage their day-to-day agenda.

You'll know:

WHAT to do

WHEN to do it

WHY it’s being done


…then REPORT BACK to the board each month.

You'll know what matters today and what to push to the non-urgent pile; what tasks to delegate and what to take on personally.

The Best Thing

It gives YOU the power to understand your business. I help many people by doing this work on their behalf and you'll understand what I do, as a strategy and governance consultant. You’ll have an amazing grasp on the planning process. This can only benefit all of us as we learn from each other.

If you can't wait, connect with me now to fly forward faster sooner. Otherwise...

Get ready to Fly Forward Faster throughout 2017!

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