• Shayne Leslie

Portability of Talent

Talent is much less portable than we think.

Our performance is just one P that enables us to achieve. Performance is often greatly enhanced (or challenged) by processes, platforms, products, people, and politics.

Most of those you can’t take with you into your next position.

Talent in some roles is more portable than others. Operational Managers are much less portable because their job requires lots of internal knowledge and many relationships. Financial Managers and other functional experts are usually better positioned to move, although these roles, too, require flexibility in adapting to a range of cloud-based software platforms.

Past talent and success in one position is also a cultural and strategic artefact

You must check for how well an incoming manager will fit into your culture and strategy.

Some people are great for organisations that need an entrepreneurial approach, others for turnarounds, others for managing business as usual because a successful strategy is underway.

If want a culture shake-up, you must imagine the incoming manager leading a new culture, and the support you can provide, and barriers that will present.

For critical leadership positions, such as CEOs, you must check for vision

Vision that extends beyond the club’s car park into the local area and across the broader region. Vision that incorporates new business, new networks, new processes, and new ways of managing up, across, and down.


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