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The last ten years has seen a dramatic shift in the recruitment landscape to spot managerial talent. Clubs are lagging by using recruitment methods for CEOs and managers that are no longer relevant in this century.

Throughout the industrial 20th century, work became standardised and professionalised through production techniques. There was a relatively slow rate of change. This made reviewing past performance a good indicator when recruiting.

In contrast, today’s environment has been coined ‘VUCA’ meaning volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous; a military term that’s been adopted by strategists.

VUCA means that success yesterday no longer guarantees success tomorrow. There are tectonic shifts in the competition as well as how we engage in business.

Competency-based appraisals and appointments are increasingly insufficient. That is, recruitment that summarises jobs into a list of proven skills and looks for candidates with the right combination of them, usually from a similar industry.

Managers must learn new skills daily, collaborate in ways that are unique, trade and communicate in increasingly fast yet personalised ways, analyse financial data quickly, and deal with an unrelenting political agenda.

The question is not whether you as a club CEO or manager have the right skills; it’s whether you have the potential to learn new ones. Fast. Forever. And not always out of the same box.


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